Park Golf is a short, 3-hole, turf-based facility in public parks, with specialized, safe equipment, and limited flight golf balls. Park Golf will provide free access to the golf experience where there is none, creating a fun, engaging and inviting environment to try the sport.

Possible facility renderings

Park Golf involves all of the successful ingredients.

  • World Class leadership 
  • Critical collaboration with World Golf Foundation and First Tee
  • Holistic program design to address consumer satisfaction, operation requirements, and engagement 
  • Famous golf course designers
  • Major golf vendors
  • Celebrity engagement
  • Potential sponsorships

There are structural challenges to golf participation.

Participation among junior golfers (between ages 6 and 17) has dropped dramatically from its peak in 2004…

In 2004:


8% participation rate.

In 2017:

2.7 M

5.8% participation rate

In 2020:


6.1% participation rate

Exposure to golf outside of the golfing family is extremely low. The odds of becoming a golfer are…

If both parents play golf:

2 in 5

8% participation rate.

If one parent plays golf

1 in 4

8% participation rate.

If neither parent plays golf

1 in 250

8% participation rate.

Golf has many barriers for the average consumer

Lack of access


Number of golf courses in US’s 100 largest cities compared to the 20,655 basketball hoops



Percent of non-golfers with a negative opinion of golf that express zero interest in taking it up.

Lack of diversity


Percent of non-Caucasian golfers in the US in 2020

Time Consuming

4 hr, 30 min

Average golf round is ~30% of our disposable weekend time



Number of Americans who live in households with <$50K per year income

Park Golf is the Solution

An accessible, fun, inviting, short-format, and free introduction to the game that will bring a new, more diverse, more engaged generation of golfers to the game.

  • Accessible: at a place near you
  • Fun: real golf, supported with social media engagement
  • Inviting: for everyone, visible, no rules (though safe!)
  • Cost: completely free
  • Fast: 3 short holes