Park Golf Organization

Park Golf will operate as a non-profit that recruits organizations interested in the development of the sport for funding, supplies and other types of support. The Park Golf organization will raise donor money for capital investment, and establish a self-sustaining operational model based on sponsorship and other donations for ongoing maintenance and equipment costs.


  • Bring FREE access to the golf experience where there currently is none
  • Make it “cool” to engage with the sport through gamification, social media, and use of influencers
  • Lack the intimidating factor of a golf course experience
  • Available for a diverse set of young and old, future and current golfers

Our Team

Ignacio Giraldo


David Schannon

Bain & Company

Matt Quinn

Bain & Company

Steve Mona

World Golf Foundation

Lexie Milford

First Tee

Maria Borda

Westwood & Wilshire

Tammie Chen


Dave Cho

Bain & Company

Christine Khaw

Bain & Company

Bill Stinneford